Top 3 English Bulldog Puppy Accidents

Anyone that has ever owned an English Bulldog puppy French bulldog under $1000 or been around them for more than a few moments knows the energy, curiosity and endless rooting around for something new to play with that puppies have. And as a matter of common sense, all of that energy and curiosity can only happen for so long before something goes wrong. English Bulldog puppies are prone to many things but there are the top 3 accidents that can occur.

1. Electric shock – Especially when puppies are teething, they love to chew on whatever they can find. Every once in awhile, that can include electrical cords. Sometimes your pup may only get a little shock (literally) or it could cause cardiac arrest and death. Keep all cords out of sight and, if possible, out of reach for your puppy to keep him safe.

2. Dog bites – Many may think that puppies hardly ever get in to fights with other dogs which could be true. However, puppies are so curious, have so much energy and want to meet everyone they encounter that this is not always very safe. Other dogs may not be as enthusiastic to meet your little one or be very pleased with your pup jumping all over them, trying to play. Some dogs are more patient than others and will give a few warning growls to give you enough time to remove your puppy from the situation. Others are not so patient and immediately snap. With any new dog at any age, it’s always better to keep your puppy and the other dog on a leash for the first few meetings to be sure everyone can tolerate one another peacefully.

3. Poison – Because of their curiosity, English Bulldog puppies can get into many different things, even those that are harmful to them. Things such as medications, cleaning products, poisonous plants or things in the garbage such as rib bones that could puncture their intestinal wall. It only takes one time to make your puppy very ill or even cause death. Be sure that all medications are out of reach or locked in cabinets that your puppy cannot break into to avoid these situations.


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