Have you been receiving prank calls or cryptic text messages to your phone for the past few days and you desperately need to know how to find out who a cell phone number owner is? Maybe your spouse has been secretly talking to someone and you need to know who is the owner of that telephone number.

There are so many reasons why any one would want to know who a cell phone number owner is but no matter what the reason may be, you need to know that you can not find any information about a cell phone number owner in 公司調查 the phone book.

This is because these type of telephone numbers are regarded as private properties and their details are not made available to the general public via the public domain. In fact when the idea of creating a directory where people can easily look up the details of the owner of a mobile and unlisted telephone number was mooted back in 2006, it was quickly shot down because of the threat it pose to privacy rights of mobile phone owners.

If you are looking for a cell phone number owner then you need to consider using the paid reverse phone lookup directories as they are they only phone number owner finder that will work for you in this case. Whitepages.com, yellowpages.com, infospace.com and the likes will not work for you in this case.

So what is a paid reverse phone lookup site and how is it different from whitepages.com

A paid reverse phone lookup directories is a website or directory that is specifically created for the purpose of reverse phone lookup. The difference between these directories and the free directories such as whitepages.com is that they are not free and while whitepages.com and the other free directories only contain listed land line numbers, they have virtually all types of telephone number in their database.

One good thing about the paid directories is that all the information you need is available to you with a click of the computer mouse. You need not to hire a private detective in order to find out who that mobile phone number owner is as they will take nothing less than 3 days before you get the information you need and instead of just $14.95 that you need to conduct a single search with the paid directories, also if you hire a private detective, they will charge you nothing less than $200 and you can’t guarantee the accuracy of the information presented by a private detective.

As you can see, using a paid reverse phone lookup directories is a great way to find out who cell phone number owner is, the biggest challenges lies with finding a good and reliable reverse phone lookup directory that works for all cell phone numbers. There are so many so called paid reverse phone lookup directories that claim to be up to date and accurate but only a few out of the thousands of sites that available to use live up to expectation.


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