Whether your strategy focuses online or offline, one thing is clear – marketing is the essential factor in achieving success for your business. But, you should not limit your strategies to just any of the two. Instead, plan for a seamless integration of the two avenues to market your enterprise. All your online marketing efforts can be reinforced by traditional marketing such as direct mailing, prints and display ads. Using the two medium together, your small bathroom remodeling business can maximize on budget and get great results such as increase in ROI.

How to Merge Online and Offline Marketing Strategies

1. Web presence on prints – Always include your website’s url or domain name in every printed material that you will send out. In your business cards, you can add the website name and address in the prints along with your email address or an email where customers can send inquiries about your remodeling services. Brochures, letterheads, catalogs and flyers should also include that web address.

2. Professional website – It is important that your website looks genuine and professional as do your printed materials. Nothing turns off a custom cabinets orange county website visitor than a website that looks cluttered and confusing. Make sure that all pages are working. The images of your bathroom designs and your successful remodeling jobs should have clear resolution. All information on the site should also be updated regularly.

3. Be consistent – Make sure that both your online and offline marketing are complementing each other. Also, any of the two should not fall behind the other. If you have announced through flyers that you are giving out 10% discounts on full bathroom remodeling projects, your website must also be displaying the same promotion. Likewise, promotions on your website should be supported, as much as possible, by printed ads. Either way, you will avoid confusion and will not gain irate clients.

4. Teaser prints – Use printed marketing materials like flyers and postcards to direct customers to your website. For example, you can announce discounted prices on full remodels in prints and get them to visit your website for more information. Giving out printed coupons for special and deals that are offered only on the website is also one way to get traffic to your website.

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