Are you one of those guys that just can’t talk to girls? Do you feel shy and suffer from a lack of confidence whenever you are around pretty girls? Don’t worry you are not alone, I used to be just like you but now I have found the solution and can talk to any girl I fancy with ease and confidence. Read on to find out more:

One of the first things to bear in mind when you feel you cant talk to girls is that you are not the only one, there are loads of shy guys around and plenty of shy girls too for that matter.

The second thing to bear in mind is to chill out and don’t take things too seriously. So OK suppose you did go up to a girl and tried to talk to her but she didn’t want to know? Well so what? There are plenty more girls in the world, so if you do get rejected by one girl, just shrug and move on. Its her loss. Don’t get karachi girls hung up or bitter and twisted over it. Just mark it down to experience and move on.

The next thing to do is practice what to say to a girl. Really all you need to do is to keep things simple. Just go up to a girl and say hi and see how she responds. Ask her name and perhaps what music she is into. Pay attention to what she is saying and look interested. Sometimes if you ask the right question here and there, she will do most of the talking as girls love to talk about themselves.

If all goes well you could ask to meet her for a drink or coffee sometime and offer her your phone number. That way there is no pressure on her and the choice is hers whether to call you or not. Hopefully in the next day or so she will give you a call and then you could arrange a date!

So if you follow this simple advice maybe very soon you will no longer be one of those guys that cant talk to girls.

If you feel you would like some more help and advice on how to talk to girls you should try this simple step by step formula that will help you to talk to a girl so she feels immediately attracted to you.

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