Scratching is not only something cats love to do but it’s also something they need to do. However, this doesn’t mean you should allow your pet scratching on your furniture and destroying it. It also doesn’t mean you have to de-claw your cat. Here is some useful information about solving this problem painlessly.

Cats are great companions and are welcomed in many homes and families. The first problem you need to solve when you get a cat is the litter box. Then you will start worrying about your furniture because cats love to scratch. Scratching is an instinct and cats need to do it maine coon cat for sale Actually you can’t stop the cat to scratch so you have to be extra careful if you don’t want to see your
furniture destroyed.

One thing you can do is encourage your cat to use a scratching post rather than your furniture. However, first of all we need to understand the reasons why a cat scratches.’

Scratching is a way for cats to exercise, to tone and strengthen their muscles. It is also a way for them to stretch. Scratching is also a means of marking territory as cats have scent glands in the paws. This natural instinct also helps cats to sharp their claws. You see that your pet has many reasons to scratch on your furniture and doesn’t do it just to destroy your home.

Scratching is a natural cat behavior; it should be encouraged, because it keeps the pet fit and healthy. Physical punishment won’t stop your cat from scratching on your furniture and carpets. So, you can use the following tips to avoid the destruction of your furnishings, curtains and carpets:

It is very important to purchase a scratching post before you get the cat. Thus, when the cat arrives, the post will be part of its environment.

You can buy several posts and place them in favorite areas of the cat. It would be a good idea to place a scratching post near the place where the cat sleeps because cats love stretching when they wake up. If fact, who doesn’t like that?

The scratching post should be stable so that it won’t fall over. The base should be solid and the post should be made well. If it falls over once, most probably the cat won’t use it again.

The post should be placed in a place where the whole family gathers and spends a lot of time. Cats want to be part of the family and will not use the post if it situated in a dark angle of your home.

At the beginning you need to encourage the cat to use the scratching post. Try rubbing it with catnip and tie toys and strings, as cats love playing. You can also try trailing string or yarn to
the post.

The scratching post should be big enough so the cat will be able to fully stretch on it. Keep in mind that if the cat finds the post too short, very soon she will find that your furniture has
ideal height!

You should also play with your cat. Do the playing near the post. If the cat is happy and entertained, she will most probably not scratch on your furniture.

Cats love rough surfaces so make sure the post is covered with something course. Your cat will be very happy to scratch, pull and teat the surface and watch it getting destroyed. Sisal rope and nylon backed carpet will do a great job. If you already have a post but the cat still scratches on your furnishings, then cover the post with material that is similar to the material of the cat furniture. You can also make a scratching post by yourself if you can’t find the perfect one in stores.

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