There is no doubt that we all have an idea about fitted kitchen zones, if not we will try to acquire it from various sources. We all know that the soul of a kitchen lies in the work angle. As far as the work angle is good, the productivity of a kitchen improves. This article throws light into those three kitchen zones in the work triangle that contributes to the efficiency of a kitchen.

There are mainly three components in the fitted kitchen work triangle. They are,

  • Storage zone
  • Cooking zone
  • Cleaning zone

Storage zone

There are many facilities available in a fitted kitchen to store provisions, vegetables, and kitchen articles. However, fridge and cabinets are the main storage Fitted kitchens facilities, which we use often. There are some important points that will help us to install a productive kitchen.

  • Always buy the necessary cooking appliances prior preparing the plan of a fitted kitchen
  • Cabins can be made from PVC, wood, aluminum, and multi-wood.
  • Stainless steel pull outs not only provides good finishing, but also high durability
  • Install cabins only after the tile works are completed
  • Do not forget to install power plugs in the cabins where ever it is necessary
  • An adequate illumination facility should be installed in cabins
  • Louvers must be installed in the cabin doors where vegetables are stored

Cooking zone

It is the main attraction of a fitted kitchen. There are several factors, which makes the cooking zone of a kitchen beautiful and professional.

  • The average height should not be more than one meter
  • You can build a small stand or cabin to keep your cooking apron, gloves, towel and cap
  • You can store all the necessary cooking articles in cooking zone to save energy and time
  • Installing hobs will help you keep maintain your kitchen clean and pollution free
  • Don’t use marbles in the cooking zone, as they may absorb moisture and may get easily stained
  • If you do not have a pipe gas connection, rather than building a cabin under the stove it is better to store the cylinder outside.

Cooking zone has to be tidy and hygienic. A clean cooking zone will influence our mind positively. Always use quality metals and wood, as it is the most frequently used part of your kitchen.

Cleaning zone

Cleaning zone is the place, which we use before and after cooking. Understanding some important factors about cleaning zone will help us to keep it tidy and efficient.

  • Cleaning zone should be far from cooking zone.
  • Always choose sinks that have a depth of at least 6 inches.
  • Double sinks integrated with vegetable washing bowls are recommended
  • Install drain boards in your cooking zone of your fitted kitchen, as it will help to dry dishes easily.
  • Request your fitted kitchen manufacturer to include hand shower pull out taps in the cooking zone, as it will make your cleaning job easier


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