The way you store your belongings affects the Feng Shui of your home. There is a big difference between jamming cupboards and shelves with all your stuff or storing it for easy retrieval.

Garages, laundries, wardrobes, drawers, sheds, basements, attics etc all house our precious, essential and non essential belongings. But if you can’t find what you want when you want, you may just as well not own any of these things.

Good Feng Shui comes about when the energy of a space feels like it enhances your life and the lives other all who live in your home. If just looking at your office causes you stress, if when you open your sock and underwear drawer, it is so jammed full, you only ever use the items that leap out, then disharmony may rule within your home.

It is rare for one area to be in a good energy flow and others spaces blocked. Because the same lifestyle choices tend to run through the entire home. The exception may be a teenager’s room, where chaos tends to rule. Mt son is doing his final year at school. As part of his yearlong campaign to gain a good entry score for university, he has agreed that chaos is not a state conducive to study. How long it lasts I don’t know.

Remember Feng shui is all about good energy flow. When you are looking into a cluttered space there is a sense of confusion and frustration. Why can’t I find what I need, why do I always waste so much time looking for the same things over and over? Why is this house always untidy? This is bad Feng Shui.

When we can’t find what we want, when we can’t find anything to wear, it’s not because we don’t have enough, it’s because we have too much and it is disorganised. This causes you to feel stressed

Have you ever noticed how good it feels to have finished a big tidy up. To have mowed the lawn, weeded the garden, to have finally cleared out the shed. At this time the energy flows and we feel good about our environments and ourselves.

Raymond Aaron a well known success mentor considers  Basement Finishing Newton MA clearing up our messes absolutely essential to our wellbeing and success. He even says that if we don’t clear up our messes we won’t achieve our goals.

In order to achieve success and prosperity we need the right conditions to work, to think, to focus and to relax. If our eyes settle on clutter in our home and offices this disturbs our thinking. The energy is not right and our creative processes shut down.

One Qigong class I run every week is at my home, which had been partially renovated. From where I stood I could see the mountain of work which I needed to finish. The class faced the garden. Now the renovations are complete, when I look at the house I feel relaxed and calm.

The bottom line is clear out what you don’t need and tidy what you do need, and let the energy flow through your home encouraging health and prosperity.


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