If you have been trying to quit smoking marijuana, withdrawal symptoms like lack of sleep and anxiety might make it hard for you every now and then when you decide to make smoking your past. You will agree with me that it’s not as easy as it seems. However, with well planned strategies, several people have been able overcome marijuana smoking. Here is a simple list that will help you stop smoking weed.

Have a desire to quit smoking weed

Establishing a strong desire to quit marijuana abuse is the first step to stop. Your firm wishes to do away with smoking will prove helpful as its obvious that on the way you will come across setbacks and obstacles that require your choice for you to either move on or go back to your old ill habit. gras online kaufen 

Sort your friends

Most people, who smoke marijuana have friends or know people who smoke the substance. If really you want so badly to stop smoking, avoid their company. It’s difficult to stop smoking while associating with people who smoke marijuana. Friend will sabotage your efforts no matter how hard you try to stop smoking. Weigh options between your friends and your desire to stop smoking. At this point, you desire to quit smoking comes first. You will probably lose some of your old friends, but don’t let this be a reason for you to start smoking again. You will make new friends who will respect and support your decision to break the addiction within no time.

Write down why you want to break with marijuana

Putting on paper the main reasons why you want to make smoking weed your history will push you to stop abusing the drug. Carry with you the list of reasons of why you want to quit smoking wherever you go. This is because, sometimes the craving may attack you, and if you have the list with you it can help you hold firm your decision when you go through it during those hard moments.

Identify the reasons why you smoke weed

Being aware of the reason that causes to smoke is vital to help you kick the habit. Many people smoke weed because of the feeling that it gives them. There are other constructive fun generating activities that one can indulge himself in to get the same sensation and remain physically health. Replace smoking weed with activities like exercise or gym to elevate your spirits and moods.

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