Muslim matrimonial sites are nothing new to Muslims. These matrimonial sites have been circulating for years and have a small but rapidly growing following in the Muslim community. The way they operate is simple enough, single Muslims join looking for a partner but unlike other ‘dating sites’, the emphasis is not on dating but on finding a suitable marriage partner for life. Therefore the individuals who are on these sites are comparatively more serious about their search for a partner as casual dating is not permitted in Islam.

The alternatives to Muslim Telangana Muslim Matrimony matrimonial sites are arranged marriages. A prospect which fills the majority of Muslims with trepidation and uneasiness. The thought of entering into a life long relationship with someone who you have put your faith into your parents into finding for you can make ones nerves unsteady. Arranged marriages are not necessarily how they show in the media as both men and women are able to agree or disagree to the prospective bride or groom. This still has its drawbacks though. The parents, although having the best of intentions, are not going to have to live with this person. The families involved may be looking out for their own best interests such as keeping up a certain status in the community by marrying their children into other families.

Muslim dating and matrimonial sites have risen from the ashes of the arranged marriages fiasco. They offer men and women the chance to control their own destiny. The internet has brought about a very progressive movement in the way couples have met online and why shouldn’t it also help Muslims who are finding it difficult to find love in the West. Drinking is not permitted so meeting others in outside social gatherings is usually limited to a few choice areas. And what about the Muslims who live in areas which are sparsely populated by other Muslims, how are they expected to even meet other Muslims.

Chances are that someone you know has already joined a dating or matrimonial site. Approximately 1 in 5 in the uk have used some type of relationship site in the past or are currently using it. The popularity speaks for its success. Muslim matrimonial sites are more specialized as they are specifically targeting Muslims.

Many Muslims still feel uncomfortable about admitting they have joined a matrimonial sites. It is under the misconception that online matrimonial sites are only exclusive to the desperate or those that have something fundamentally wrong with their personality or character. This is simply not the case. Marriage websites have grown to become a useful and viable option when searching for a partner. Where else could you gain so much information about a prospective groom or bride without having to travel half way across the country.

The question of whether these sites can help Muslims to find suitable and life long partners is a resounding yes. But just remember that while they can help by giving you all the up to date information needed about other Muslims in your area, they still require you to be able to make the right choices in your search to find a partner. So be true to yourself and what you are looking for and love will find you.

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