Are you worried about your college tuition costs? The tuition costs are rising and you find it difficult paying for college. In any case, the college tuition fees must be paid. You appeared for the SAT three times but scholarships were unable to get an over the board improvement. Now, scholarships are the only hope for you. In cases like these, students do not need to limit themselves to university scholarships alone. Today, scholarships are available in a variety of types, sizes and shapes. All you need to do is look beyond the university specific scholarships and find one of these outside scholarships to match your needs. At first, these outside scholarships may seem quite hard to obtain. However, these scholarships are never as far as you may think.

Hardly do many of the people know that clubs, companies and charities give away an amount of $2 billion as private scholarship money. On a rough estimate, around 1 million obtain these scholarships; 1 out of every 13 students who applied for the scholarship. So, where are you? Given below are some specific scholarship types that may help you in paying for your college tuition.

Athletic Scholarships
You do not need to be a brainy to win athletic scholarships. It is only the physical talent and athletic skills that decides whether you are eligible to receive an athletic scholarship. There are many athletic funding programs are available out there. If you have that athletic talent, this scholarship is made just for you. Do not wait.

Artistic Scholarships
If you are willing to do some homework on your own, you can find an abundant number of artistic scholarships. Art specific or artistic financial aid are meant for candidates with excellence in the field of art. So, if you have creative talent in fields like film, dance, music and painting among others, you can always apply obtain one of these artistic scholarships.

Minority Scholarships
These types of scholarships are awarded to candidates belonging to unprivileged backgrounds. As the name suggests, these financial aids are not given on the basis of grades you scored. It is for minority community students. To be eligible to obtain minority financial aid, you should be able to make yourself stand apart from the rest whether in terms of athleticism or community service.

Employee Scholarships
Do not be surprised if you heard about employee scholarships type for the first time. Many employers provide educational funding to their employees for career advancement. The existence of employee scholarships has risen only from the bind that exists between employers and employees. So, acquiring a summer job is not the only way to satiate your hunger for purchasing the latest gadgets, video games etc.

Wacky Scholarships
You may not just be aware that something like ‘wacky scholarships’ also exists. If you have some unusual hobbies or weird interests, you can be able to win wacky scholarships. The free college money can be won on the basis of odd personal characteristics and weird interests or habits. So, these scholarships are awarded to you for being odd or unusual. Odd or unique characteristics like having natural hair, being left handed, having a twin or a triplet, being very short or being very tall can all help you win wacky scholarships.


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