Choosing the Right Curtains

I’ve had a few decorating dilemmas in my life, including deciding on the best treatment for our large bay window. In the end, we went with voluminous damask curtains – and finished up hating them. So these days, we have nice, white roller blinds. Whatever your taste in interior d├ęcor, read on for the lowdown on what’s hot and happening in window dressings!

So many choices

It can be utterly bamboozling trying to narrow down the best window treatments from the huge range on the market these days. Curtains are still popular but good quality furnishing fabrics can be awfully expensive, making them a significant investment. In choosing a very loud, strong pattern, you run the risk of having your curtains date quickly, so that’s something to consider. For fans of ready-made, there are lots of options available at reasonable prices, but often you’ll find a fairly limited choice of colours and patterns.

Curtain Styles

There are endless variations available when it comes to Cortinas Roller Black Out. Box pleats, inverted pleats, pencil pleats and pinched atmosphere, while tab-top and eyelet curtains have a more casual appearance. A pelmet is the bit at the top of some windows that hides the mechanics of your curtains or blinds. Sometimes it is left as plain wood but it can also be covered with fabric. Puddling is when the curtains are left long so that they fall in “puddles” on the floor.

Blind Styles

Blinds are a versatile option with many inexpensive styles as well as the more pricey, custom-made examples. At the budget end of the scale are bamboo blinds, which can look great in earthy sorts of settings such as conservatories and patios. Venetian blinds are on old-time favorite and these days you can choose between wood and plastic. Roller blinds also come in many colors, styles and patterns. They can look nice and discreet in places where you don’t want to make a strong style statement. When drama is the key word, ruched styles such as Austrian and festoon blinds can be very effective.


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