People are loaded down with Desktop PCs, Notebooks, Laptops, Computer Monitors, Scanners, Printers, Digital Cameras, PDAs, Smartphones, Media Receivers and more. And new ones come out with newer features faster than you can wear out the old ones.

So, how do you safely dispose of your old digital equipment without just throwing it in the trash.

Of course, one of the most used options for disposing of your old digital equipment is to simply sell it at a discount to someone else. You may have a friend that would like to have the item or you may simply advertise in a local paper or online at Craigslist or eBay.

You could give the item to a school, our troops, a small business, an animal shelter or drop it off at the local Salvation Army Thrift Store.

And, as a last resort, you can just chunk it in the trash. But, before you do iphone 回收價 read on.

One of the more popular ways today to dispose of your digital equipment is to recycle it ( Go Green). In addition to the items listed above you can also recycle handheld calculators, digital picture frames, external hard drives, DVD drives, print cartridges and home media servers.

Depending on the condition of your product you can usually get paid for it and it is easy to process.

A reliable program is the HP Eco Solutions Consumer Buyback and Planet Partners Recycling Program. They accept products of any brand. You can go online and get an instant buyback quote and then you simply pack up and ship your product and they will then send you your Buyback check.

You can read more about the program and get a quote at the HP site. Search for the Buyback and Recycle Program.

There is no obligation to buy a new HP product to participate in the recycle program. If your product doesn’t happen to have any value then you can choose to donate the item. There is no charge to get a quote so you can check it out without committing.



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